Game Classification

Levee Patroller (The Levee Inspection Simulator) Deltares & Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), Casper Harteveld (Netherlands), 2006 Download it Now !

Video Game


  • Training


  • State & Governement
  • Education
  • Scientific Research


  • Professionals

Levee Patroller is primarily used as a training tool and is aimed at patrollers. Patrollers are volunteers or employees of the Dutch waterboards. The latter are semi-governmental institutes in the Netherlands responsible for water quantity, water quality, and water safety.

Besides this primary use, the game is often used to raise awareness amongst the public, stakeholders (e.g., local government), or for scientific research.

Unlike what may seem at first, Levee Patroller is not a strict simulation game. Many elements from other game genres are used. This and many other aspects of the design of this game are quite elaborately described in the book 'Triadic Game Design' by Casper Harteveld.