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Energy.jpg Training in Energy Management techniques provides administrative and technical training for energy managers, building operators, and others responsible for energy-efficiency with the opportunity to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, meet their organisation’s environmental targets and save money.

Starting from a detailed energy audit and analysis of the existing buildings, systems and controls, the Energy-wise users will be encouraged to develop a feasibility study, or strategy, for improving energy efficiency in their business. Advice is also provided on how to involve other staff in the energy efficiency exercise through the implementation of a staff awareness campaign.
This serious game is designed to provide players with an introduction into how their organisations could reduce their energy consumption by recommending some fundamental energy saving techniques. The game is designed around a realistic case study whereby we place the player into the shoes of a premises manager. Utilising PIXELeanrning’s LearningBeansWorlds engine, we have created a compelling and thought provoking scenario, combining realistic business challenges and mini games to communicate the learning outcomes.

The game is set in the town of ‘Ecoville’ which has recently been awarded funding to begin a regeneration programme to encourage businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

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