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EverQuest II: Desert of Flames Sony Online Entertainment Inc., Sony Online Entertainment Inc., 2005  

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  • Entertainment


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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


The gameplay of this title is Game-based
(designed with stated goals)

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EverQuest II: Desert of Flames is the first expansion to the MMORPG EverQuest II. It takes place in an Arabian Nights-themed area that EverQuest players may recognize as the Desert of Ro. This expansion features content primarily targeted toward higher level players (level 45+).

The main features of this expansion are:Achieve level 60 as an adventurer or artisan, and level 40 as a guild.The city of Maj'Dul, which emphasizes the importance of faction and your role in them. The dangers and benefits of the city can change dynamically depending on which faction has the most influence at the time.New voice emotes, which allow you to select a voice for your character and speak while performing certain actions.Arena Champions, a voluntary PvP arena system which allows you to play either as your avatar or take control of a creature champion.The ability to climb up cliffs and walls, which has been integrated into the gameplay of this expansion.Tons of new creatures, quests, zones, and items. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)