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39425 Games

Wildlife Park 2003 PC (Windows) B-Alive GmbH JoWooD Productions Software AG
Wildlife Park 2 2006 PC (Windows) B-Alive GmbH Deep Silver
Wildlife Park 2: Crazy Zoo 2007 PC (Windows) B-Alive GmbH Deep Silver
Wildlife Park 3 2011 PC (Windows) B-Alive GmbH bitComposer Games GmbH
Wildlife Park: Wild Creatures 2004 PC (Windows) B-Alive GmbH Deep Silver
Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa 2005 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Pocketwatch Games Pocketwatch Games U.S.A.
WildSnake 1994 Gameboy (GB) / Super Nintendo (SNES) Bullet-Proof Software Spectrum Holobyte
Wildstar 2014 PC (Windows) Carbine Studios NCsoft U.S.A.
Wilkinson: Fight for Kisses 2008 Browser (Flash) JWT / Globz / SERC / Wilkinson Wilkinson International
Wilkinson: Fight For Kisses 2007 Browser (Flash) 5ème gauche / JWT Wilkinson International
Will 'o the Wisp 1980 Commodore 64 / Commodore PET
Will Harvey's Music Construction Set 1984 Apple II / Atari 800 / Atari ST / Commodore 64 / PC (Dos) Intersect Software Corp. Electronic Arts U.S.A.
Will of Steel 2005 PC (Windows) Gameyus Interactive LLC GMX Media
Will of the wisp 2006 PC (Windows) Experimental Gameplay U.S.A.
Will Rock 2003 PC (Windows) Saber Interactive Ubisoft U.S.A.
Will: The Death Trap II 1985 NEC PC-8801 Square Co. Square Co. Japan
William and Sly 2009 Browser (Flash) Lucas Paakh Lucas Paakh
William and Sly 2009 Browser (Flash)
William R. Fisher's Beyond the Spirit's Eye 2007 PC (Windows) WRF Studios WRF Studios
William Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Murder Mystery 1997 PC (Windows) Pantheon Productions Inc. EMME Interactive SA France
William Shatner's TekWar 1995 PC (Dos) Capstone Software Capstone Software
William Wobbler 1985 Commodore 64 Wizard Developments Wizard Developments
Willow 1989 Arcade / Amiga / Atari ST / PC (Dos) Capcom Capcom Japan
Willow 1989 NES (Famicom) Capcom (Tokuro Fujiwara) Capcom Japan
Willy The Worm 1985 PC (Dos)
Willy the Worm Part II: The Big Trip Home 1987 PC (Dos)
Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise 1993 NES (Famicom) Capcom Co. Capcom Co. Japan
Wily Tower / Atomic boy 1984 Arcade Irem Corporation Irem Corporation Japan
Wimbledon Championship Tennis 1992 GameGear (GG) / Genesis (Megadrive) / Sega Master System SIMS Co. SEGA Enterprises Ltd. Japan
Win Win Manager 2009 Browser Marco Greco, Fabio Patriarca / The Business Game (Università degli Studi di Udine) The Business Game / Max Formisano Training Coaching & Consulting / Comteam Italy
Win-Firme 2013 PC (Windows) Nicolas Frank et Olivier Vidal Acsens France
Win, Lose or Draw 1988 PC (Dos) / Commodore 64 / NES (Famicom) Softie Hi-Tech Expressions
WIN32.DLL 2008 PC (Windows)
WinAdv 1992 PC (Windows)
WinAmp 5.5 (included game) 2007 PC (Windows) Nullsoft AOL LLC
WinBack 1999 Nintendo 64 (N64) / PlayStation 2 (PS2) Omega Force Koei Japan
WinBack 2: Project Poseidon 2006 PlayStation 2 (PS2) / Xbox cavia, inc. Koei
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles 2007 PC (Windows) Yuan Works Yuan Works Costa Rica
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles 2008 Dreamcast / PC (Windows) Yuan Works Co. Ltd. redspotgames
Wind's Seed 1995 NEC PC-9801 Compile Compile Japan
Windchaser 2008 PC (Windows) Chimera Entertainment GmbH dtp entertainment AG Germany
WindFall 2009 Browser (Flash) Persuasive Games LLC Persuasive Games LLC U.S.A.
Windfall: The Oil Crisis Game 1980 Apple II David Mullich Edu-Ware U.S.A.
Windjammers / Flying Power Disc 1992 Arcade / Neo-Geo Data East Data East Japan
Windosill 2009 PC (Windows) / Macintosh / PC (Linux) / Browser (Flash) Patrick Smith Patrick Smith U.S.A
Windosill 2009 Browser (Flash) / iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Macintosh / PC (Windows) Vectorpark Vectorpark
Window Wizard 1991 Amiga / Atari ST reLINE Software reLINE Software
WindowBall 1986 Atari ST