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39430 Games

Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue! 1989 Macintosh / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) The Learning Company The Learning Company U.S.A.
Super Munchers: The Challenge Continues... 1991 PC (Dos) MECC MECC U.S.A.
Zaark and the Night Team: The Quest for Patterns and The Search for Symbols 1995 PC (Windows) Maxis Software Inc. Maxis Software Inc. U.S.A.
vLeader 2007 2007 PC (Windows) SimuLearn (Clark Aldrich) SimuLearn U.S.A.
Robo-Rush! 2008 Browser (Flash) ViaVivo Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence U.S.A.
Brain Quest Grades 3 & 4 2008 Nintendo DS Electronic Arts Electronic Arts U.S.A.
FutureU 2008 Macintosh / Nintendo DS / PC (Windows) Aspyr Media Aspyr Media U.S.A.
March of the Penguins 2005 GameBoy Advance (GBA) / Nintendo DS Skyworks Technologies Destination Software U.S.A.
Microsurgeon 1982 Intellivision / TI-99/4A Imagic (Rick Levine) Imagic U.S.A.
Facade 2003 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Michael Mateas & Andrew Stern Freeware U.S.A.
Blade Runner 1997 PC (Windows) / PC (Dos) Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive U.S.A.
Bureaucracy 1987 Amiga / Apple II / Atari ST / Macintosh / PC (Dos) / Commodore 64 Infocom (Douglas Adams) Infocom U.S.A.
Space Ace 1984 3DO / Amiga / Arcade / Atari Jaguar / Atari ST / CD-i / Mega-CD / Sega CD / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) Advanced Microcomputer Systems Cinematronics U.S.A.
Community Organizing Toolkit 2007 Browser (Flash) Kinection / Doug Nelson CompassPoint Nonprofit Services / Center for Third World Organizing / Waitt Family Foundation U.S.A.
Dodge Caliber Dash 2006 Browser (Flash) Dodge Dodge U.S.A.
Lego Universe 2010 NetDevil LEGO U.S.A.
Golden Tee 3D Golf 1995 Arcade Incredible Technologies Incredible Technologies U.S.A.
Guitar Praise 2008 PC (Windows) Digital Praise Digital Praise U.S.A.
The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker 2007 PC (Windows) Rebel Planet Creations Rebel Planet Creations U.S.A.
Dance Praise 2005 PC (Windows) Digital Praise Digital Praise U.S.A.
Dance Praise 2: The ReMix 2007 PC (Windows) Digital Praise Digital Praise U.S.A.
Garbage Glut 2007 Browser (Flash) Gotham Gazette with Isotope Media U.S.A.
At-Risk 2008 Browser (Flash) Kognito Interactive U.S.A.
C0NSENT! 2008 Browser Global Kids / Digital Refinery Global Kids / Digital Refinery U.S.A.
Charlotte's Web: Wilbur and Friends 2006 PC (Windows) Backbone Entertainment SEGA of America U.S.A.
Life Preservers 2007 Browser (Flash) GEL (Games for Entertainment and Learning) Lab (Carrie Heeter) Michigan State University U.S.A.
The Dark Crystal 1983 Apple II / Atari 400 / Atari 800 Sierra On-Line, Inc. Sierra On-Line, Inc. U.S.A.
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade 1994 3DO / Arcade / Macintosh / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) Humongous Entertainment, Inc. Humongous Entertainment, Inc. U.S.A.
The Treehouse 1991 PC (Dos) Brøderbund Software Brøderbund Software U.S.A.
Word Rescue 1992 PC (Dos) Redwood Games Apogee Software U.S.A.
Treasure Cove! 1992 PC (Dos) / Macintosh / PC (Windows) The Learning Company The Learning Company U.S.A.
The Manhole 1988 FM Towns / Macintosh / PC (Dos) / TurboGrafx CD (Turbo CD) Cyan Worlds (Rand and Robyn Miller) Brøderbund, Activision U.S.A.
Toonstruck 1996 PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) Burst Virgin Interactive Entertainment U.S.A.
Odell Lake 1986 Apple II / Commodore 64 MECC MECC U.S.A.
Trivia Whiz 1985 Arcade / iPhone / iPod Touch Merit Industries Merit Industries U.S.A.
Miracle Piano Teaching System 1990 Amiga / Genesis (Megadrive) / Macintosh / NES (Famicom) / PC (Dos) / Super Nintendo (SNES) The Software Toolworks (Jon Mandel, Henrik Markarian) The Software Toolworks U.S.A.
Plaque Attack 1983 Atari 2600 Activision (Steve Cartwright) Activision U.S.A.
SimPark 1996 Macintosh / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) Maxis Software Maxis Software U.S.A.
Treasure Mathstorm! 1992 Macintosh / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) The Learning Company The Learning Company U.S.A.
Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom 1995 Macintosh / PC (Dos) / PC (Windows) Learn Technologies Interactive Time Warner Electronic Publishing, Southpeak Interactive (DOS) / Attica (Windows) U.S.A.
Hutspiel 1955 GEDA (Goodyear Electronic Differential Analyzer) / PC (Windows) Army ORO (Operations Research Office) predecessor of RAC (Johns Hopkins University) Army ORO (Operations Research Office) predecessor of RAC (Johns Hopkins University) U.S.A.
The Island of Dr. Brain 1992 PC (Dos) Sierra Online Sierra Online U.S.A.
Elmo's Deep Sea Adventure 2001 PC (Windows) Sesame Workshop Encore U.S.A.
SimHealth: The National Health Care Simulation 1994 PC (Dos) Thinking Tools, Inc. (John Hiles) Maxis Software U.S.A.
Spellevator 1988 Apple II / Macintosh / PC (Dos) MECC Brøderbund / / The Learning Company U.S.A.
Troggle Trouble Math 1994 PC (Dos) / Macintosh / PC (Windows) MECC MECC U.S.A.
Mario Is Missing! 1993 Macintosh / NES (Famicom) / PC (Dos) / Super Nintendo (SNES) The Software Toolworks The Software Toolworks U.S.A.
Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters 1993 Super Nintendo (SNES) Software Toolworks, Inc. Software Toolworks, Inc. U.S.A.