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39430 Games

Devastator Devastator
Wolf Team
Earnest Evans Earnest Evans
Wolf Team
Hiōden Hiōden
Wolf Team
Hiōden 2 Hiōden 2
Wolf Team
Mid-Garts Mid-Garts
Wolf Team
Road Avenger Road Avenger
Wolf Team
Sol-Feace Sol-Feace
Wolf Team
Suzaku Suzaku
Wolf Team
Sol-Feace / Sol-Deace Sol-Feace / Sol-Deace
Wolf Team (Japan) / Sega (US; Sega CD) / Renovation Products (US; Genesis&
El Viento El Viento
Wolf Team (Japan), Renovation (US)
Final Zone (FZ Senki Axis -- Japanese title) Final Zone (FZ Senki Axis -- Japanese title)
Wolf Team / Renovation Products (US Genesis)Telenet Japan (Japan MegaDrive}
Black Shades Black Shades
Wolfire Games
Anti-Phising Phil Anti-Phising Phil
Wombat Security Technologies
Riviera: The Promised Land Riviera: The Promised Land
WonderSwan Color / JPN Bandai / Game Boy Advance / JPN Sting / NA Atlus USA / PlaySta
Domino Block Domino Block
The Deep The Deep
Clash-Road Clash-Road
King of Boxer King of Boxer
Woodplace, Inc.
Ring King Ring King
Woodplace, Inc. / Data East / Namco
Snood Snood
Word of Mouse Games / Destination Software (GBA) / THQ (Mobile)
Dawn Treader Dawn Treader
Word Publishing
Narnia Narnia
Word Publishing
verb-dash verb-dash
Elevator Elevator
Wordworks Software
Silpheed: The Lost Planet Silpheed: The Lost Planet
Working Designs
Dragon Force Dragon Force
Working Designs
Magic Knight Rayearth Magic Knight Rayearth
Working Designs
Iron Storm Iron Storm
Working Designs
Popful Mail Popful Mail
Working Designs (Sega Mega-CD)
Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III
Working Designs (TurboGrafx-16) / Ocean (Amiga, Atari ST, Game Boy) / Huds
Vanguard Bandits/Epica Stella Vanguard Bandits/Epica Stella
Working Designs(US) / Human Entertainment(Japan)
Vay Vay
Working DesignsSoMoGa, Inc.
American Airlines American Airlines
World Airline Simulation
Evoke Evoke
World Bank Institute
Vegas Roulette Vegas Roulette
World Game
Investigation d’une épidémie de fièvre jaune Investigation d’une épidémie de fièvre jaune
World Health Organisation (WHO)
Connect with Haji Kamal Connect with Haji Kamal
World Warfighter
Honoloko Honoloko
World Wide Pictures (WWP)
The Princess Bride Game The Princess Bride Game
Worldwide Biggies Inc.