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39430 Games

Milo's Astro Lanes 1998 Nintendo 64 (N64) Player 1 Software Crave Entertainment U.S.A.
Left Behind: Eternal Forces 2006 PC (Windows) Left Behind Games / Inspired Media Entertainment Inspired Media Entertainment U.S.A.
Tigger's Honey Hunt 2001 Nintendo 64 (N64) / PC (Windows) / Playstation (PSX) Doki Denki NewKidCo U.S.A.
World Cup 98 1998 Nintendo 64 (N64) Electronic Arts Electronic Arts U.S.A.
Xena: Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Fate 1999 Nintendo 64 (N64) Saffire Titus Software U.S.A.
Elmo's Letter Adventure 1999 Nintendo 64 (N64) / PC (Windows) / Playstation (PSX) Realtime Associates NewKidCo U.S.A.
Elmo's Number Journey 1999 Nintendo 64 (N64) / Playstation (PSX) Realtime Associates NewKidCo U.S.A.
Stunt Bike Arctic 2008 Browser (Flash) ForgeFX Greg Meyers U.S.A.
Wheel Of Fortune 1989 Arcade / NES (Famicom) / Nintendo 64 (N64) GameTek GameTek U.S.A.
Monster Truck Rally 1991 NES (Famicom) INTV INTV U.S.A.
Edge Quest 2008 Browser (Flash) Somnio Cisco U.S.A.
Seismic Duck 2010 PC (Windows) Arch D. Robison Arch D. Robison U.S.A.
This is How Bees Work 2010 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Superflat / Bento Smile Superflat / Bento Smile U.S.A.
Bank Run 2010 Browser (Flash) / iPhone / iPod Touch SilkTricky SilkTricky U.S.A.
Moonbase Alpha 2010 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Virtual Heroes / Army Game Studio NASA U.S.A.
Ninjabi 2009 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Sean Bouchard & Nahil Sharkasi Sean Bouchard & Nahil Sharkasi U.S.A.
Agent Surfire 2009 PC (Windows) Mavi Interactive3 Mavi Interactive3 U.S.A.
Turn it all off 2006 Browser (Flash) 1E 1E U.S.A.
Tragedy of the Tuna 2007 Browser Eric W. Orts Wharton's Learning Lab U.S.A.
Word Fun 1980 Intellivision APh Technological Consulting Mattel Electronics U.S.A.
Magic Carousel 1983 Intellivision Realtime Associates INTV U.S.A.
Melody Blaster 1983 Intellivision Mattel Electronics Mattel Electronics U.S.A.
Number Jumble 1983 Intellivision Mattel Electronics Mattel Electronics U.S.A.
Fraction Fever 1983 ColecoVision / Commodore 64 / TRS-80 / ZX Spectrum Tom Snyder Productions (Tom Snyder) Spinnaker Software U.S.A.
Learning with Leeper 1983 Atari 400 / Atari 800 / Atari XL / ColecoVision Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line U.S.A.
Logic Levels 1984 ColecoVision Fisher Price Software Fisher Price Software U.S.A.
The Riverbed: An Eco-Noir Mystery 2010 Browser (Flash) Mary Wharmby Mary Wharmby U.S.A.
Participatory Chinatown 2010 Browser Eric Gordon / Muzzy Lane Asian Community Development Corporation / Emerson College / Metropolitan Area Planning Council U.S.A.
SimCity 1989 Acorn Electron / Amiga / Amstrad CPC / Atari ST / BBC Micro / PC (Dos) / FM Towns / iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / PC (Linux) / Mobile / PC (Windows) / Wii / Commodore 64 / Macintosh / Super Nintendo (SNES) / ZX Spectrum Maxis / Nintendo EAD (SNES version) / Mobile: Babaroga (Will Wright (SimCity s Brøderbund, Maxis, Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Superior Software/Acornsoft U.S.A.
Zero Hour: America's Medic 2009 PC (Windows) Virtual Heroes, Inc. George Washington University's Office of Homeland Security U.S.A.
AstroEngineer: Moon Rover 2010 Macintosh / PC (Windows) WisdomTools U.S.A.
Save The Peoples 2011 Browser (Flash) U.S.A.
Mansion: Impossible 2007 Browser (Flash) Persuasive games (Ian Bogost) Persuasive games U.S.A.
My Quit Kit & Khemia 2010 Hoozinga Game Media U.S.A.
Motion Math 2010 iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Gabriel Adauto’s / Jacob Klein / ZDesign Motion Math U.S.A.
Doom 1993 3DO / Amiga / Atari Jaguar / Browser (Flash) / GameBoy Advance (GBA) / PC (Dos) / PC (Linux) / PC (Windows) / Sega 32X / Super Nintendo (SNES) id Software (John Carmack / John Romero / Sandy Petersen / Tom Hall) id Software U.S.A.
Cathode Ray Tube Amusement device 1947 Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. / Estle Ray Mann U.S.A.
David Crane's Amazing Tennis 1992 Sega Master System / Genesis (Megadrive) / Super Nintendo (SNES) David Crane Absolute Entertainment U.S.A.
Mass Effect 3 2012 PC (Windows) / Playstation 3 (PS3) / Xbox 360 (X360) BioWare Corporation Electronic Arts U.S.A.
Gatorman 2002 PC (Windows) Felix Rivero Felix Rivero U.S.A.
1-i 2007 Browser (Flash) U.S.A.
Alien Invasion 1998 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Webfoot Technologies Webfoot Technologies U.S.A.
3-D Ultra MiniGolf Deluxe 1999 PC (Windows) Dynamix Sierra On-Line U.S.A.
3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride 2000 GameBoy Color (GBC) Left Field Productions Dynamix U.S.A.
3-D Dinosaur Adventure: Anniversary Edition 1997 Macintosh / PC (Windows) Knowledge Adventure Knowledge Adventure U.S.A.
3 on 3 NHL Arcade 2009 Playstation 3 (PS3) / Xbox 360 (X360) Electronic Arts Canada Electronic Arts U.S.A.
REVERSI 1980 Atari 800 Steve A. Beker ArtSci, Inc. U.S.A.
Blackjack 1977 Atari 2600 / Atari 800 Atari Sears U.S.A.