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39430 Games

Loaded 1995 CD-i / Macintosh / PC (Dos) / Playstation (PSX) / Sega Saturn Gremlin Interactive Interplay Entertainment United Kingdom
Africa Gardens 1984 Commodore 64 / ZX Spectrum Tom Davis Gilsoft United Kingdom
M&M's Kart Racing 2008 Nintendo DS FRONTLINE Studios Destination Software United Kingdom
Scuba Dive 1983 Commodore 64 / Oric-1 / Oric Atmos / ZX Spectrum Durell Software Ltd. Durell Software Ltd. United Kingdom
AI-SICS 2012 Browser (Unity) / iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Macintosh / Mobile (Android) / PC (Windows) / Tablet (Android) AiSolve United Kingdom
Sweatshop 2011 Browser (Flash) LittleLoud Studios Channel Four Television Corporation United Kingdom
surgeon simulator 2013 2013 PC (Windows) Bossa Studios Bossa Studios United Kingdom
Rizk 2010 Browser (Flash) / Macintosh / PC (Windows) Playerthree Science Museum, London United Kingdom
Juggernaut 1985 Amstrad CPC / ZX Spectrum Pete Cooke CRL Group United Kingdom
Vex 3 2014 Browser (Flash) / Browser (HTML5) Microwave Games United Kingdom
Crossing Boundaries 2017 Browser / Browser (HTML5) Testudo Games Jennifer Ann's Group United Kingdom
Learn to fly 2 2003 Browser (Flash) / Browser (HTML5) Light Bringer United Kingdom
Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt 2008 Browser (Flash) / iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Mobile (Android) Glowing Eye Games United Kingdom
Forty Thieves Solitaire 2009 Browser (HTML5) / iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Mobile (Android) Glowing Eye Games United Kingdom
Killer Assassin 2020 Browser (HTML5) / Browser (Unity) BPTop United Kingdom
Photopia 1998 Browser (Flash) / PC (Dos) / PC (Linux) / PC (Windows) Adam Cadre (Adam Cadre) Self published United States
Varicella 2003 PC (Windows) / Macintosh / PC (Linux) Adam Cadre Adam Cadre United States
Kabul Kaboom! 2002 Browser (Flash) Gonzalo Frasca Uruguay
Path of the Jedi 2008 Browser (Flash) Powerful Robot (Gonzalo Frasca) Cartoon network Uruguay
TECNO - the Base 2007 PC (Windows) Guruy Entertainment Guruy Entertainment Uruguay
September 12th: a toy world 2003 Browser Gonzalo Frasca News gaming Uruguay
Flappy Bird 2013 iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Tablet (Android) Dong Nguyen Gears Studios Vietnam