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Participatory Chinatown Eric Gordon / Muzzy Lane (U.S.A.), Asian Community Development Corporation / Emerson College / Metropolitan Area Planning Council (U.S.A.), 2010 Play it Now !

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Participatory Chinatown is a 3-D immersive game designed to be part of the master planning process for Boston's Chinatown. You assume the role of one of 15 virtual residents and you work to complete their assigned quest - finding a job, housing, or place to socialize. But look out! Sometimes language skills, income level, or other circumstances can make your task more challenging. Whatever your experience, you'll then be tasked with considering the future of the neighborhood by walking through and commenting on proposed development sites. Every one of your comments and decisions will be shared with real life decision-makers.

The game can be played either as a multi-player experience where players gather in a physical meeting hall, or as a single-player experience on the web.

Distribution : Internet
Platform(s) : Browser