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Moshing Melvin Epic Banana, Epic Banana, 1999  

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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
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Moshing Melvin is a short game wherein the player takes the role of Melvin, a psycho mosher. Melvin has decided to partake in a night of ill-advised moshing at a local bar. When he arrives he recognizes his favorite band, Silent Static, being played from the speakers and, unable to control himself, he is sucked into the deranged violence of the mosh pit. The game has no music, the idea being that the player may supply whatever music they might prefer.

Moshing Melvin takes place entirely within a small, enclosed mosh-pit, viewed from the side via cross-section, which is filled with a number of fellow moshers. As moshers pass Melvin they will lash out at him with one of their many limbs, depleting the player's vitality meter and subtracting points from their overall score. Melvin, in turn, can flail out against the other moshers by punching or kicking them, which causes him to gain points. Melvin, alternatively, can mosh non-violently, in the form of headbanging, which slowly accrues him points but leaves him vulnerable to other moshers. As moshers are knocked senseless to the ground by Melvin's onslaught they will be slowly replaced by new arrivals, similarly inspired by Silent Static's aural offensive. As such the game ends only after Melvin is knocked unconscious or after the player retreats through an exit positioned off to the side, thereafter being presented with their final score and the option to play again. The end result is identical, regardless of how the player chooses to end the game, having no effect on either the resulting screen or score.

The game does not posses a high-score board, nor does it keep track of any of the scores the player has achieved. Instead, the Read Me encourages players to take a screenshot of the score screen using the Macintosh's built-in screen capture tool and email the resulting shot to the developer. "Let's see how you stack up against the hordes of other moshers!" [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Macintosh