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The Precursors Deep Shadows, Russobit-M, 2009  

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This title is used by the following domains:
  • Entertainment


This title targets the following audience:
Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


The gameplay of this title is Game-based
(designed with stated goals)

The core of gameplay is defined by the rules below:

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The Precursors A young pilot of the humanoid Amarn race has graduated from the academy and is now returning to his home planet Goldin. However, upon arriving there he learns that unexplained events has been occurring in various corners of the galaxy lately. There is a suspicion that these events have something to do with the Precursors, a mysterious ancient civilization whose relics seem to be of interest to different organizations in the galaxy. Taking control of his father's spaceship, the hero embarks on a space journey that will hopefully answer all his questions.

Precursors is a mission-based first-person shooter with role-playing, free-roaming driving, and light space combat simulation elements. The game's main plot is linear, but the player can undertake side missions at any time, gathering resources and developing the main character's statistics in a RPG fashion. When leveling up, the player can choose which of the forty available perks to increase. Most of these perks are combat-oriented. Combat and on-foot exploration is done in traditional FPS fashion; the arsenal ranges from standard guns and rifles to alien biological weapons. There are also several types of ground vehicles the player can drive during missions.

Similarly to Xenus games, the game's world is populated by representatives of different factions: Empire, the Democratic Union, the Free Traders, the Clatz of the Nest, the revolutionary Clatz, the bandits and the civilians. The player may choose to perform missions for various factions, which affects the protagonist's reputation with them. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)