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Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans Realtime Associates (U.S.A.), American Softworks Corporation, 1992  

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  • Entertainment


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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


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(designed with stated goals)

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Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans The pirate Sküljagger and his crew hold the island of Westica hostage. Forcing the people who live there to be his slaves, Sküljagger rules unopposed with an iron fist. A brave sailor named Storm Jaxon decides to rebel and steal Sküljagger's magical sword. Now he must fight for his life and ultimately to free the Westican people.

Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans is a sidescrolling platform game. Players select between a 1 player game, an alternating turn 2 player game or Bubblegum Practice. The player controls Storm Jaxon who is able to run left and right, jump and swing Sküljagger's magic sword. Storm must reach the end of each level before time runs out or risk losing a life. Under normal circumstances, touching an enemy or projectile will cause him to die, though the sword is often able to destroy projectiles. By collecting red jewels, Storm is able to both augment the sword with a projectile attack and be protected from one enemy attack. Green jewels will also protect from one enemy attack, however collecting 25 of them will grant an extra life. Blue jewels add additional time for Storm to complete each level. Finding a mask will make Storm invulnerable for a short time. These power-ups are either floating in the air of each level or hidden away in chests, boxes, rocks and coconuts. However these items which may hide items can also be picked up and thrown at enemies.

In addition to the power-ups listed above, fruity bubblegum can also be found. Only one bubble gum flavor can be carried at a time and it will be held until the player activates it. Grape bubblegum encases Storm in a giant invulnerable bubble that can bounce higher than jumping alone. Cherry bubblegum will require the player to inflate manually, but will allow Storm to fly. Beware as over inflating the bubble will pop it. Watermelon bubblegum will turn Storm into a projectile that damages anything on the screen, also gathering items. Orange bubblegum will let Storm spit out pellets at enemies which will destroy them. Bubblegum power-ups can be tested in the special bubblegum practice option of the menu. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Super Nintendo (SNES)