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phrazle.png The players' vocabulary and linguistic skills will be put to the test in the brand-new word game Phrazle. Its mechanics are similar to those of Wordle and Word Hurdle, but instead of focusing on single words, Phrazle places an emphasis on whole sentences. Word game fans who have already mastered Wordle and Hurdle will like this next level of challenge. They won't just be searching for one word, but rather many under a strict 6-attempt time limit. This is not a collection of unrelated phrases. They need to come up with an expression, which might be either a common saying or an idiom. Use the extra difficulty levels in Phrazle to your advantage by boosting your vocabulary and having a nice time doing it while you play the game online for free. We do not restrict the number of times per day that you may play our phrazle puzzles. Online gaming provides unlimited opportunities to compete against ever-changing opponents.

Distribution : Retail
Platform(s) : Game & Watch - PC-FX