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M.U.D. TV - Mad Ugly Dirty Television Realmforge Studios GmbH, Kalypso Media GmbH, 2010  

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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


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(designed with stated goals)

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M.U.D. TV - Mad Ugly Dirty Television Matt is an evil genius who has sworn revenge on all of humanity. He wants to make every human being his brainless slave for the injustice they supposedly have done to him. To fulfill his plan, he does the logical thing: he becomes a TV Producer.

In the seven mission long single-player-campaign, the player takes on the role of Matt, helping him get his revenge. But in order to do so, much work needs to be done. The basic gameplay of M.U.D TV - Mad Ugly Dirty Television is similar to Mad TV meaning the player has to manage a private or public (can't air advertising) TV station, increase the number of viewers and rake in the big money. The player has once again a whole floor of a skyscraper for himself, looking at it from a third-person-view with a zoom- and rotatable camera and using his character to interact with everything. Given enough money and space, the player can build a vast array of different rooms on his floor including a studio, a news-room and a research lab. The research lab is especially important since many rooms aren't accessible at the start of the game and need to be researched first. The studio on the other hand is one of the most important assets since the films and shows available for buying in the lobby aren't that good in the long run.

In order to produce his own show or film or TV-series, the player first needs a screenplay he can either buy from the shop or let his employees write one in the author's room. Of course for that the player first needs some employees which are good writers in order to get a product with up to five stars. While one star will get the player an six-figure-audience, five stars range in the department of hundreds of millions of potential viewers depending weather or not the player has researched a stronger sending device or not.

The employees have six different skills like creativity or humour each being important for different types of jobs not only while writing a screenplay but also when it comes to shooting the actual production or being a news-host. While a director can never have enough ego, a comedy-host without humour is as good as useless. But each employee can get better over time either by doing the same work over and over again or by investing money into his training.

To increase the difficulty, almost every show, film, TV-series and advertising campaign has one or more target audiences. If the player airs a cooking show and places a car-advert during it, chances are that it will fail. Since there are eight different target-audiences, the player has to focus on three or four instead of trying to please everyone and cater to their needs. Failing to meet an advertising-deadline will result in a significant penalty.

The player isn't alone in the building, although he can't visit any of the other floors. Up to seven other AI or human players can fight for supremacy and use sabotage acts to influence the results of another player. The game also features a character-editor, allowing the players to make their unique avatar as well as a film-editor which can be used to replace all the funny parody-names of real films, shows and series with their correct ones or create completely new ones. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)