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Global Conflicts: Child Soldiers Serious Games Interactive (Denmark), 2009 Play it Now !

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Global Conflicts Child Soldiers Intro million children in the age 5-14 years are working in Bangladesh. Child labour is a part of a vicious cycle, with poverty as a main cause as well as a main consequence. Why are these children working and what are their alternatives?

You arrive in Bangladesh to investigate a case of child labour in a tannery in the nations capital, Dhaka. In this episode you will work for the European Leatherwear Industries.

A couple of days ago, you received an e-mail from a woman that claims she has spoken to a girl that works in the tannery. You have to investigate the case and find proof of child labour as well as coming up with a solution that will not damage the tannery or your company. Should you stop buying leather form the factory knowing that it will probably shut down? The more information you gather, the better you stand in the final interview with the factory owner, Rodo Raihan.

Platform(s) : PC (Windows)