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Return Man 3 Grig Petrov (Germany), 2011 Play it Now !

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Capture-de769cran-2020-04-21.png Catch the ball as demonstrated by the yellow circle and run your way to the end zone for a touchdown. You are joined by three blockers that can assist you with ricocheting or handle close by protectors; remain near them. There are additionally irregular catalysts that can support you, for example, a brief speed help. Here and there you have to play on a frosty field. In those cases, make a point to tread carefully in light of the fact that you can trip! Open new blockers outfits and extraordinary moves as you play the game. Is it true that you are the best punt returner? Substantiate yourself in Return Man 3!


15 phases

Exceptional moves, for example, Juke, Front Flip, and Ankle Breaker

Unlockable blockers

Distribution : Free
Platform(s) : Browser (Flash)