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ESPN Extreme Games Sony Interactive Studios America, SCEA (Japan), 1995  

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ESPN Extreme Games Extreme Games lets the player access three modes of play; Exhibition, New Season or a continuation of a season. Exhibition mode helps you get to know the courses and equipment as well as get a feel for the controls. New season offers you the chance to race against the other sixteen competitors on any of the four racing machines competing for season points as well as money to upgrade your equipment. Choose between Rollerblades, a luge ( basically a sit-down skateboard), a Mountain Bike and finally my favourite the good old skateboard. You can also determine which character you want to race with, each one having a unique skill on one of the apparatus. For example one might be top-notch at rollerblading but be bad at bike-riding so there's no point choosing the bike with him/her. In a season you compete in the five locations three times, twelve in all and each time the obstacles become more and more tricky to avoid as well as the other racers becoming faster and more agile. The tracks are as follows: Italy - Country roads leading down to a very tricky town area. Lake Tahoe - Twisting roads and some strategically placed haystacks make this no easy course. South America - Lots of caves and thin jungle roads. San Francisco - Hundreds of obstacles and hills make this one of the hardest. Utah - Falling rocks, secret routes and some hungry looking crocodiles are ahead in one of the best tracks in the game.


Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Playstation (PSX) - PC (Dos)