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Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans Virtual Identity S.r.l., Slitherine Software UK Ltd., 2009  

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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
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(designed with stated goals)

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This game is a mix between an adventure and a party game based on one of the roman volumes of Horrible Histories, a series of books by author Terry Deary and illustrator Martin Brown. In this game the player takes up the role of a young gladiator called Rassimus who is making his way through Rome. In order to obtain his freedom, the player has to defeat seven types of gladiators having a different fighting style each.

In the Story Mode the player has to pass the three minigames linked to each one of the gladiators and has to do some plot quests solving other minigames. The navigation section - in which Rassimus explores Rome, talks to other characters and interacts with the scene - presents a third-person perspective with a mobile camera. On the other hand the minigames section has a 2D fixed camera scene, so that other players can join the minigame and help Rassimus to pass it. The whole game needs only the use of Wii Remote controller.

Apart from the single-player option, there are several multiplayer options available which can be selected from the main menu. Conquest challenge is a board game-style challenge where players try to take over countries in the Roman Empire while preventing their opponents from doing the same. Each turn of this game, which is for two to four players, gives the player either a reward, a penalty or a mini-game to play. In this case, the one who wins this game also wins the selected country, whereas the player who conquers the empire first wins.

The mini-game challenge for up to four players can be played also when the structure of the adventure mode is discarded, plus it's mini-games all the way! In this case, the player who wins most of the above-mentioned mini-games wins. In both the mini-game and the conquest challenge the players can customise the match by choosing an avatar and typing in their name. Finally, in the versus challenge two players can tackle the gladiator battles outside the story mode. Multiplayer is only available in the Wii version. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Wii - PC (Windows)