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Anno 1701: The Sunken Dragon Related Designs Software GmbH, Deep Silver (United Kingdom), 2007  

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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old / 25 to 35 years old
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Anno 1701: The Sunken Dragon Anno 1701 A.D.: The Sunken Dragon is an official add-on for 1701 A.D.

Since the original game only featured a sandbox-mode, the core feature of the add-on is a eleven mission long campaign. In this campaign you help your friend Finn Hallqvist to retrieve a mystic artifact called the "Eye of the Dragon". But it is soon obvious that this task isn't very easy. On your way through the Asian inspired islands you will get in contact with four new AI players: Finn Hallqvist (Adventurer), Grace Bonnet (Adventurer/Rogue), Diego del Torro (Archvillain) and Horatio (Trader). The missions are sometimes a little different from what you know from the original game. In one level for example Diego del Torro tries to burn down your city and you only control a squad of fireman which you need to use to extinguish the burning buildings.

The core gameplay remains the same and you still mainly build up your city and care for your inhabitants. Once you have reached the civilisation-stage "Aristocrat", you can now place decorative objects like a bird bath. Another addition is the meteor as a new catastrophe. Announced by small, burning stones that rain from the sky, it'll soon follow and make a very big hole in your town. The last gameplay-feature that the add-on brings with it, are two new types of trader-missions. "Loss at Sea" requires you to search for a capsized trader-ship with precious goods on board. "Ship escort" requires instead that you escort a trader-ship to the edge of the map.

Besides the campaign, the biggest feature of the add-on is the included level editor which lets you build your own levels. Also it is not possible to generate missions and quests for this map, you can also trade it with friends that don't own the add-on if you haven't included any new feature from it on that map. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)