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Alien Typhoon Star Craft, 1981 Download it Now !

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This title is used by the following domains:
  • Entertainment


This title targets the following audience:
Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


The gameplay of this title is Game-based
(designed with stated goals)

The core of gameplay is defined by the rules below:

Similar games

Alien Typhoon Alien Typhoon is a variant of the arcade game Galaxian. It is a shoot-'em-up where a formation of alien ships attack your lone starship at the bottom of the screen. The aliens peel off from the formation and attack you in different patterns, depending on the color of the ship. The two ships at the top are the motherships and they bring an escort of two red aliens with them to guard them, but if you can shoot the escort and then the mothership, you'll score lots of points. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Apple II