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Betty Boop: Super Sweets Selectsoft Games, Selectsoft Publishing, 2008  

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Besides play, this title features the following intents:
  • Licensed title


This title is used by the following domains:
  • Entertainment


This title targets the following audience:
Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


The gameplay of this title is Game-based
(designed with stated goals)

The core of gameplay is defined by the rules below:

Similar games

In this Betty Boop-themed puzzle game, colored pieces fall from the top of the screen, and pile up at the bottom. Swap adjacent pieces to form lines of at least 3 same-colored pieces and destroy them. Don't let the stack reach the top of the screen. Once the player makes enough matches, it's on to the next level. Four modes are included. In Classic, more pieces will only fall when the player makes a move. In Speed, pieces are always falling, so keep moving. In Timed, the board is already full, and the player needs to move rows and columns to make enough matches before time runs out. Speed Mode Sudden Death is like regular Speed Mode, but there are no levels to clear the board, just survival for as long as possible.

Each mode includes four difficulty levels, and three different swap styles: only horizontal, only vertical, and both. Twelve sets of pieces are included to change the appearance of the pieces. Powerups include score multipliers (increase the score of that match), bombs (destroy everything in a 3x3 square), firecrackers (destroy all blocks of that color), and X blocks (cannot be moved). These powerups are activated by putting them into a match with other pieces of that color. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)