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Carnivores 2 Action Forms Ltd., WizardWorks Software (U.S.A.), 1999  

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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
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Similar games

Carnivores 2 Carnivores 2 is a hunting simulation in the vein of Deer Hunter and the like. The difference being instead of hunting cute woodland creatures you get to hunt big hungry dinosaurs.

The story goes something like this. It's the far future, and mankind has mastered galactic travel. On a distant watery planet we discover species completely identical to Earth's ancient dinosaurs living quite happily on a series of lush islands. Being the enlightened galaxy-spanning species that we are, we decide to bring in a bunch of big-game hunters to blow their brains out and bring em' home stuffed and mounted.

There are a total of nine huntable dinosaurs, as well as several additional species which serve to populate the environment. You can shoot them, too, but you won't get any credit for it. The game takes place in a First Person Shooter style 3D environment. The dinosaur-hunting company has provided you with a gun, a map, some binoculars, a "dinosaur call whistle" and a license to kill things. You'll travel through woods, climb mountains, and even pick through the decrepit remains of deserted research outposts as you search for your next kill. This isn't Quake, however. If you charge out guns blazing at the first sight of a stegosaurus, you're going to go home hungry. Dinosaurs have keen hearing, sight, and smell and will run away if they detect the presence of a hunter. Often you will need to approach downwind, hide behind a rock or tree, and use your mating call to lure them in for the perfect shot. Of course the highlight of the game is the challenge in hunting hunters, the carnivores.

These guys aren't cute little deer. More often than not the ominous phrase "Man is in the woods" will be met simply with an unimpressed "Good, I'm hungry". Carnivores will stalk you whether you're hunting them or you're just passing through their territory. Your whistle's herbivore mating call or the sound of gunfire may inadvertedly alert them to your presence and location. Instead of charging you head-on into the waiting maw of your shotgun, they can circle through the underbrush, dodging out of your sight and ambushing you from the sides. Despite their aggressiveness they're not stupid, if you camp out in a clearing on top of a hill with a sniper rifle they'll stay in the woods instead of charging out into the open where you can get a clear shot. The exception to this is the huge Tyrannosaurus, who are disdainful of your puny bullets and will simply charge at you like an oncoming freight train.

You start the game in the woods with a pistol stalking herbivores. Each dinosaur you kill earns you points which can be spent on better weapons, new areas such as marshlands and deserts, or the right to hunt a larger selection of dinosaurs including carnivores. The more expensive dinosaurs get fiercer and bigger, and eventually you'll earn enough points for the privilege of challenging T-Rex for the title of meanest mother in the valley. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)