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Counter Force HyperDevbox Japan, Conspiracy Entertainment Corp., 2007  

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  • Entertainment


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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


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(designed with stated goals)

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In 2102 C.E., a giant asteroid enters Earth's orbit, only to be revealed too late that inside are a horde of aliens lead by the entity "Diadora" that unleashes an invasion on mankind! Hiding deep underground, the surviving rebellions create three experimental robots; Sophia, Calista and Dynamis, to combat Diadora's army, the objective codenamed "Counter Force". These three robots are humanity's last hope!

The game is a retooled port of of the 2003 game ExZeus, originally created for the arcades for the Sega NAOMI and Tsunami Tsumo.

The game is an on-rails arcade shooter in a third-person perspective. You can tilt your Nunchuck up, down, left or right to move in all directions while progressing forward, shooting enemies and collecting power-ups and gold (which act as money you can use to buy items at a shop every time you beat a boss). You have the ability to lock-on enemies and fire powerful missiles at them, and you also have a laser (which recharges by itself after every use) you can launch by holding down the shoot button. You can also send out nuclear bombs on the area, which can clear all the enemies on-screen, and can also help in bosses.

At the end of every level, you face a boss. Before a boss begins, a screen will show up telling you the weak-points of said boss. Successfully defeating a boss will take you to the item shop, where you can buy items to power up your robot, and then you will proceed to the next level.

The major difference between ExZeus and Counter Force is that you are able to freely point and shoot enemies with the Wii Remote with the help of an additional yellow lock-on mechanic - when aiming your Wii Remote-controlled crosshair cursor onto a specific enemy, it will lock on to the enemy without depleting anything and when the shoot button is pressed will aim the bullet at the targeted enemy. The original red/blue crosshair from ExZeus remains, however, for the use of firing the laser. Everything else (lock-on missiles, bombs) is remotely unchanged. There is also a two player mode (one player holds the Nunchuck, while the other holds the Wii Remote - can be changed in-game by pressing the minus button) which somewhat uses the original ExZeus control scheme - the red/blue crosshair is also used to fire additional bullets from the player holding the Nunchuck which function in the same way as in the original game. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Wii