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Distant Worlds Code Force Limited, Matrix Games, 2010  

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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
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The gameplay of this title is Game-based
(designed with stated goals)

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Distant Worlds Distant World is a space strategy game consisting of (depending on the size of the known universe) a galaxy with up to 1,400 star systems including 50,000 planets, moons, asteroids, and other space anomalies. Along the way, the player may discover secrets behind the origins of the galaxy's past and threats of the coming future.Government
The player, acting on behalf of the state as the government, controls a race of beings (selectable) and aims to expand this empire by exploration and colonizing new habitable planets. Each empire has a governmental system (selectable) with positive and sometimes negative traits which may effect domestic affairs as well as relations of other sentient aliens. Some races have unique governmental systems only accessible by them. The player however, may only control state-owned ships and buildings. Control in this regard is divided into two categories: the state and privately-owned.

To maintain an expanding colony of planets, the player must maintain a positive economy of credits to cover various expenses. Income is derived primarily from taxes. Privately-owned ships (freighters, etc.) are automatically built within the empire and will supply the empire with various goods and trade needed by the population. Some structures are built (e.g. mining stations, etc.) by the player and control is later given to privately-owned enterprises. A planet supplied with common and luxury goods become happier and grow faster, hence the possibility to raise taxes without causing unrest. To maintain a steady flow of goods, the player must protect supply and trade routes from possible pirate attacks and marauding space monsters, as well as from invading forces in times of war.

Additionally, the player may also build space ports with certain components which will help increase the happiness of the population. It should also be noted that no structures are available to be built on the the planet. Other effects such as war weariness and reputation may also influence the happiness of all planets.

The player usually does not directly control research, however may indirectly influence research by creating research stations specializing in a particular field. If the player wishes to directly control research direction, the player may invest credits in a research crash course which focuses all resources in a selected field. Doing this however, inhibits advances in other fields until the purchased field of research has been completed. Other ways of obtaining research include espionage and exploring the galaxy uncovering event mysteries.

Ship and Building Design
The player may build ships and buildings in accordance to specified default ship/building types (e.g. frigate, mining station, etc.). Each ship or building type requires a minimal amount of different components (e.g. reactor, shields, etc.) for the design to be applicable. After fulfilling these requirements, the player add additional components until a certain capacity quota is reached.

Ships that come in military and building-purpose types are controlled by the player. Trade-related ships are automatically created at available state-owned construction docks or construction ships, will later be to transferred to private enterprises. Each creation of private-owned created ship adds income to the state's treasury. Buildings are created by the player, where produce-related structures are also transferred to private enterprises. Goods from mining stations and other sources are stored at space ports to be later distributed to the empire's planet population by privately-owned freighters.

All star systems are viewable from the galaxy map. Each star system however, remains hidden until it is explored by a scouting ship. Star systems may include planets, moons, gas giants, and asteroids. All of which may or may not include a certain amount of resources which may be exploited. Some may even contain ruins which may result in a bonus or an unknown event. Others may include a native race if colonized will add bonus to that planet. It is also possible to come across abandoned bases, ships, as well as pirates and space monsters that may be hostile.

Some of planets and moons if hospitable (technology depending) may be colonized by sending a colony ship. Asteroids and gas giants cannot be inhabited, however gas stations and mining stations may be build to access the resources there. In addition to star system, other anomalies may also be encountered such as black holes and super nova stars. Some of these may offer research bonus for research stations or scenery bonuses for tourism.

After first contact, the player may opt to further diplomatic relations with other races or even pirates. Usually the player will encounter one or more pirate factions first. Pirates may offer the player protection for a certain amount of credits each month for six months. Continuing this relationship may result in an offer to a permanent alliance with a specific pirate faction. In both agreements, the pirate faction will not attack and even protect the player's ships and bases from enemy attacks when applicable. Pirates may also sell information such as maps, mysteries, or locations of inhabitable planets with an indigenous population.

First contact with other races opens the possibility of freighters from both sides to visit each other. If relations increase (by non-hostile actions), either race may propose a more advanced relationship such as free trade or a military alliance. Espionage may also be conducted against other races, however a detected or captured agent will greatly damage relations. Negative actions by the player to another race such as failed espionage or unwarranted attacks will further worsen relations from trade embargoes to acts of war. It also should be noted that any hostile action to another race will effect the player's global reputation, which will effect other races as well as the population. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : PC (Windows)