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Geneforge 4: Rebellion Spiderweb Software (U.S.A.), Spiderweb Software (U.S.A.), 2006  

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  • Entertainment


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Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
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Geneforge 4: Rebellion This is the fourth installment in the shareware Geneforge series by Spiderweb Software. Geneforge 4 is an isometric RPG with turn-based combat set in a dark and unorthodox setting that combines fantasy with unusual elements such as advanced genetic engineering.

The world is torn apart by a long-lasting civil war between an elite caste that previously held monopoly on creating artificial life, and a combined group of persecuted ordinary humans, genetically altered humans, and a variety of artificial creatures gone independent. Though the protagonist starts out as a rebel selected for genetic mutation using secret and risky rebel techniques, he is not restricted to only one side of the conflict.

The player may be joined by a several NPCs that would contribute to the plot and comment on situations, however, he is usually supplemented by beasts of his own creation that he can control. If his abilities are sufficient, the player may choose from a selection of fifteen unique and thirty modified creatures, each of which can gain experience and advance on its own. Geneforge 4 features a large, freely explorable world with a location system reminiscent of that in the first Baldur's Gate. There is a large number of non-obligatory and hidden locations.

A highlight of the game are its extensive dialogues with a wide variety of choices, as well as detailed descriptions of locations and special encounters. The plot is frequently praised by fans for its non-linearity, and the lack of emphasis on black-and-white morals. There is a large amount of side-quests, many of which are connected with the class of the protagonist, his abilities, his affiliations, or his behaviour in other encounters. Mutually exclusive quests are frequent. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Macintosh - PC (Windows)