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Mario Party-e Nintendo Co. (Japan), Nintendo of America Inc., 2003  

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This title is used by the following domains:
  • Entertainment


This title targets the following audience:
Age : 12 to 16 years old / 17 to 25 years old
General Public


The gameplay of this title is Game-based
(designed with stated goals)

The core of gameplay is defined by the rules below:

Similar games

Mario Party-e This unique title combines a card game with the Game Boy Advance e-reader add-on, using the characters and game style of the Mario Party series.

Players take turns to play the board game using their decks of cards. Each turn can consist of taking a card from another player, blocking a player from from moving, or the challenge of the Mario Party games, which is where the GBA comes in.

Using the strips on the challenge cards to swipe through the e-reader, gamers can take on the Mario Party mini-games to win coins and cards from other players.

Games consist of one player or multi-player duels, and include the likes of Cast Away Mario (which has you attempting to catch the correct fish), Balloon Burst (a remake of Hot Potato) and Daisy's Rodeo, where you must press the right buttons in time to keep Daisy from falling off of the bucking Bowser. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : GameBoy Advance (GBA)