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Mission H2O 2007  

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Mission H2O With Australia in one of the worst droughts in history, it is putting a toll on the water catchments. Much of Australia has water restrictions in place but the government and some private businesses want people to obey the current water restrictions and also want people to go beyond the call of duty. This is where the Wilson family come in with Barry (Buckets), Barbara (Bubbles), Chelsea (Sprinkles), Johnny (Hydro), Nana (Flo), and Splash (the Fish) an average Australian family who are going beyond the call of duty to save water and they tell us how to do the same.

Mission H2O is a project by 80 students studying at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Victoria with the goal too show the rest of Australia the importance of saving water and how to get in the action. The game is divided up into different sections of house and yard each with there own tips and tricks of how to save water as well as its own mini-game. Each mini-game has there own scoring system that translates into a maximum 100 point score for each game, so makes 800 point total for all 8 games. There are also some episodes of fictional TV series' to be found in some of the locations.

The areas and their associated mini-games are:
House: Introduction and a video showing the trip from the catchment to a garden hose from the water?s point of view.

Bathroom: Shows some water saving tips in the bathroom and the mini-game Match-It.
In Match-It the player answers some multiple choice questions about saving water in the bathroom. The more answers the player gets right the more time the player has to play a flip the cards memory game using common bathroom products. The more cards matched when the time runs out the more points the player gets.

Kitchen: Shows some water saving tips in the kitchen and the mini-game Dish & Dash.
In Dish & Dash the player answers some multiple choice questions about saving water in the kitchen. The more answers the player gets right the more time the player has to play. The objective is to place the item in it correct location. The cups go in the top left cardboard, plates go in the top right, utensils go in the draw in the bottom left, and any dirty items go in the dishwasher. The fewer mistakes the player makes the more points they will get.

Laundry: Includes content from the ?Laundry Channel? where the reporter Dr Hugo Von Hydro tells the viewers some useful information like the percent of the water that goes in the Laundry and not to place your dishes or car in the washing machine. It also includes the mini-game The Sort-O-Rama Laundry Game.
In The Sort-O-Rama Laundry Game players will be presented with an item of clothing that includes a dirtiness meter and the colour. The players drag the piece of clothing to the washing machine if it matches the colour of the other clothes in there (based on the first item placed), goes in the basket if it doesn?t match, or in the wardrobe if it is clean. Players are limited by time and the game resets if an item gets placed in the wrong location. Score is based on the number of clothes in the washing machine when time runs out.

Driveway: Show same water saving tips in the Garage and Driveway as well as an episode of fictional reality TV show ?Water Cops? taking the water wasters off the street (parody of the U.S. TV show ?Cops?). It includes the mini-game Splash Dash.
In Splash Dash the player controls the top down view of Chelsea as she rides her tricycle around turning off the taps of all the water wasters in the neighbourhood while avoiding hazards like balls and hoses. Score is based on the water wasted on the taps that is currently on.

Rainwater (at the rainwater tank): Barry (Buckets) Wilson gives some tips about using a rainwater tank and includes the mini-game Pipe Maze.
In Pipe Maze the player rotates the sections of pipe so that all five outlets are connected to the rainwater tank before the water tank overflows. Score is based on the time it took to complete the puzzle.

Garden: Includes tips and a slideshow of water efficient garden ideas. It includes the mini-game Garden Panic.
In Garden Panic players must multitask clicking on the holes in the hose to block them and watering the garden with the arrow keys so the flowers don?t die. Score is based on the amount of water wasted and number of flowers that have died.

Graywater (at the graywater tank): Tips and safety precautions? of graywater tanks as well as how a graywater treatment works. Includes the mini-game Willy Buckateer.
In Willy Buckateer players must fill the buckets with graywater and water the plants before they die and the car before it gets too dirty. There is a max of two buckets so he has to go back to the tap when they are empty. Score is based on how much water made it to the flowers and car before the graywater goes bad.

Pool and Patio:Tips for saving water in the pool and includes the mini-game Splash Devil.
In Splash Devil player control a top down view of a model boat that picks up leaves that fall into the swimming pool. If the boat gets hit by a ball or too many leaves fall in the pool the player loses. Score is based on the in game score that is based on the leaves that are picked up plus combos for getting many leaves in a row.

If the player gets over 400 points in the 8 games the player can then enter the draw for a prize (e.g. an iPod) if there is a prize available at the time of playing. [source:mobygames]

Distribution : Retail - Commercial
Platform(s) : Browser (Flash)