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Online Dordle word guessing game (Online Dordle word guessing game ) Jouer à ce jeu !

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dordle.jpg Online Dordle word guessing game
Dordle is a clone of Wordle with even more sly intentions. If you need help, make sure you read our guide. It will help you play the Dordle game better.
You have to guess two words simultaneously in seven attempts, each requiring 5 letters. These elusive words have separate grids dedicated to them, and both grids work independently of each other.
The Difference Between Wordle and Dordle
Dordle and Wordle have similar basic rules: a 5X6 game board(s) paired with a familiar color code (green, yellow, and gray) informs you of the state of the letters in the game. Your forecasts are correct.
However, there is an inherent difference. Then, since there are two grids in Dordle instead of one in Wordle, the keyboard will reflect two colors, the left half for the left grid and the right half for the right grid.

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